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    Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise Common Information Model(CIM)


      I am trying to install CIM from the downloaded (latest) SetupCIM.exe. But this fails with the following log entry:


      >>> 2/15/2014 14:37:15:376

      [Install Configuration]

        Installer Version:

        Compile date = Mon Aug 20 10:32:19 2012

        OS command line = "C:\Users\administrator.HZPMS\Downloads\SetupCIM.exe"

        Effective command line =

        Windows Version = Windows 8

        Platform = 64 bit

        Core Version = 3.0.1 (IIF2++)

        System up time = 76334 sec

        Source: C:\Windows\temp\IIFC5B3.tmp


        0409 - C:\Windows\temp\IIFC5B3.tmp\Lang\en-US\setup.exe.mui

        User default LangID: 0x407

        User default UI language: 0x407

        Loaded language 0409

      [Checking requirements]

        Checking for admin rights

        Admin rights OK

        Checking OS

        OS check OK


        Reading action file C:\Windows\temp\IIFC5B3.tmp\win8\setup.if2

      !   Error loading action file

      IIF will NOT initiate reboot

      Exit code = 0xA006

      ResultCode = 40966

      <<< 2/15/2014 14:37:18:954


      Digging into the .temp Directory I found out that the subdir \win8\ is not existing, i.e. the Setup package was exploded only to \IIFC5B3\. Someone from Intel, can you provide us with a correct SetupCIM.exe, please?


      My Environment: C600/X79, Windows 2012 R2, BIOS Setup as RAID1, 4 disks (everything working fine, so far).