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    HD Graphics 4000 *.3379 drivers causing BSODs on Win8.1?


      Is anyone else having random BSODs with the latest drivers?


      I have a brand new computer and fresh installation of Windows 8.1 x64.  I'm using an Intel i5-4670K.  It appears to be random that my PC will BSOD and reboot.  Using BlueScreenView, here's what is crashing:











      I'm using Intel Graphics driver version  I've done a full MemTest86 and the ram passed without any errors.  The Windows installation is fresh, so I don't suspect it's a problem with the OS.  I also have an nVidia GTX 760 installed, however it never appears the driver has caused a crash.


      Here's logs:

      021214-14500-01.dmp2/12/2014 5:20:02 PM0x00000116ffffe000`3dfc34d0fffff800`032a6dc000000000`0000000000000000`0000000ddxgkrnl.sysdxgkrnl.sys+fef94DirectX Graphics KernelMicrosoft® Windows® Operating SystemMicrosoft Corporation6.3.9600.16505 (winblue_gdr.140106-1506)x64ntoskrnl.exe+14dca0C:\Windows\Minidump\021214-14500-01.dmp4159600432,7522/12/2014 5:20:40 PM


      021214-14546-01.dmp2/12/2014 6:23:56 PM0x0000012400000000`00000000ffffe000`01deb02800000000`bf80000000000000`00000124hal.dllhal.dll+35cdfHardware Abstraction Layer DLLMicrosoft® Windows® Operating SystemMicrosoft Corporation6.3.9600.16500 (winblue_gdr.131226-1506)x64ntoskrnl.exe+14dca0C:\Windows\Minidump\021214-14546-01.dmp4159600302,7042/12/2014 6:24:33 PM


      Any suggestions?

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          Hi Jorsher


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          I would like to check some more information so can you please post your dxdiag report here? In the case you have an OEM system; can I have the computer model?

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            try 1st to troubleshoot your pc what is causing the BSOD..


            try 1st to remove your Videocard instead use your ONBOARD VIDEO CARD ON the motherboard..


            then run your pc.. if problem persist. try to check your ram.. try to erase the GOLD TEETH TERMINAL of your ram..

            if persist try to check your processor if its still has a thermal compound on it and its not been DRY and if dry put a fresh thermal compound..


            if persist try to check your POWER SUPPLY is this giving you a ENOUGH POWER with your PC.. if persist try and try and try to barrow every WORKING ONE PARTS and try to change to check whats the problem..

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              Thanks for the response.  It's not an OEM model.  Here's the information:


              Intel i5-4670K

              2 x G.Skill Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1866mhz PC14900

              nVidia GTX 760

              256GB Samsung Evo 840 Pro

              Asus Z87 Pro motherboard

              SeaSonic 650w power supply

              Windows 8.1 Pro


              Nothing is overclocked and the PSU is more than sufficient.  I have HDMI and a DVI port in use on the onboard GPU, along with an HDMI and DVI port on the nvidia GPU in use.


              I downgraded the driver from .3379 to .3345 and it seems to have resolved the issue.  If it occurs again I will attach the BSOD log.

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                Thank you for the response.


                I'm confident it's not the discrete GPU because the BSOD log specifically points out the Intel graphics driver.  The log hasn't reported any errors with the nvidia drivers.


                As I said in the original post, I've done a thorough memtest86.  The ram came back error free after 5 complete passes.  I'm not sure what you're talking about with erasing the gold teeth terminal, however I do know the ram is error free.


                The CPU certainly has sufficient thermal paste.  I installed it only a week or two ago from a brand new retail box.  I've also verified the CPU is in a very safe temperature range, so do not believe the thermal paste or cooling is an issue.


                I'm using a 660w SeaSonic PSU.  They are one of the revered names in quality power supplies.  I'm using the i5-4760 (100w), Nvidia GTX 760 (170w), Samsung SSD (>1w), leaving more than plenty of headroom.  I agree that trying a working PSU is a good troubleshooting step, but I believe the issue has been resolved...


                Downgrading to the .3345 driver, I haven't noticed any crashes.  With the 3379 driver it was crashing every hour or two of use.

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                  Please try disconnecting the external video card from your computer and install the latest driver for the Intel® HD graphics 4600. You can download it at the following link:




                  After installing this driver, test the system without the video card. By doing this step we can discard if the other component is causing compatibility issues.