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    Help "Switch to AHCI"



      I upgrade my pc's motherboard from Gigabyte EP41 to GA-H87 -HD3. But I can't run on it my hdd that windows xp installed on it before. I changed the AHCI mode to IDE in BIOS to try Install the AHCI driver by edit the registry as


      but in the registry I can't find some item like "msahci" and in the otherwise you see iaStorA.sys and iaStorF.sys in the Gigabyte's site Driver.

      I have some program that work only on xp.

      with best regards.

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          Hi alireza,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the system but let me help you.


          It is important to say that when changing a HDD with the OS installed on it to a different board (not the same model) the chipset may not recognize the HDD.


          I recommend you connecting the HDD to the board you were using, save the information and do a clean install of the OS with the new board to make sure everything will be working fine.

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            your change motherboard but you didnt format it on the motherboard that you are using now? it might not continue to the desktop or Os might corrupt.. try to format your HDD in your new motherbord

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