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    Question on integrating SCCM 2012 R2, SCS 9.0 and SCCM Add-on


      We've just migrated our AMT 7.1 clients to a brand new SCCM 2012 R2 server. We'd like to configure our OOB AMT settings to now use the SCCM Add-on along with SCS 9.0. This seems to be a much better implementation than the pure SCCM AMT implementation.


      From what I've been able to read, I'll need to install SCS 9.0 and then the SCCM Add-on. Is this sequence correct? I read a good step-by-step series about working with SCS 9.0 on the http://sccmguru.wordpress.com site. Well written series. I never did see, in the posts, any mention about installing SCS 9.0. I'd like to use Remote Configuration so I'm guessing I'll need to install SCS 9.0 by itself, correct?


      I do have the setup docs for installing the Add-on for Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager. Well written as well.