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    Overclock capability and batch number


      Can the overclocking capability of the CPU be identified using its batch number and serial number?veri

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          Hi Nauman,


          From our side there is no way to know if a processor is being over clocked so it will depend on the customer decision.


          You can identify if a processor is over clocked by running the Intel® Processor Diagnostic tool. This will diagnose the internal components of the processor and will generate a report.


          Here you can get the Intel® PDT:


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            Sorry Kelvin,


            What I wanted to know was that is it possible to identify the OVERCLOCKING CAPABILITIES of the CPU from looking at batch number and/or serial number.


            On another platform, a user post a question in which he posted batch number and serial number of the i7 4770k and asked if this CPU is good from overclocking perspective. I net surfed it and it came with so many persons collecting data on overclocked processors and arranging/sorting this data against the batch number/serial number of the processors.


            Hopefully, this time the question is made even more clear



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              Hi Nauman,


              I am afraid to say that there is no way to identify the over clocking capabilities of a processor; however, I can say that all processor models that finish with the letter K have been designed for to be over clocked.


              So in the case you are looking for a processor that can be overclocked, my best recommendation is to go for a K processor.