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    Simulator + SMU Project for Audio


      I've started what will be a series of blog posts on a project to combine both circuit simulation and measurement using the Galileo. It is targeted for the 20Hz - 20kHz range and allows a circuit's simulation results to be viewed alongside real-life measurements. A serial connection to a MSP430 handles the high speed I/O. Currently a TLV5618 DAC is used to output up to a 7.5kHz sine wave with 16 steps per period and the MSP430's internal ADC can run up to 200ksps. Galileo provides the circuit simulator (ngSpice) as well as the interface to the user. The GUI is currently a Java application on my desktop built with the libGDX framework but will transition to an Android app for phones and tablets.


      Simulation Source Measurement Unit (SSMU) | The Electronics Cache