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    DP43TF Video and Shared System Memory (NOT Vista)


      I purchased this board and a Q8400 Quad Core for the ability to use the VT technology in the processor and the 8GB RAM support on the board for a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V system.  I also purchased a low-end Nvidia 7200GS 512MB PCIe adapter with the intention of eliminating the GPU from stealing ANY system memory leaving that much more RAM for VM's.  It won't be used for gaming, it's a server, won't even have a monitor attached.


      It all has backfired!  On the initial build effort, the system was choking (for lack of a better description) while trying to install WS2008.  Very slow and acting like there was an I/O problem.  I noticed the BIOS were a year old, so I flashed with the latest 0086 (6/18/2009) release.  All the I/O problems went away (hurray).  Now I see in Windows Task Manager only 6GB of memory shows?  I look at the Video resources and I see 512MB dedicated memory and 2048 Shared System memory, totalling 2560MB of RAM!!!!  Well that's pretty darn counter productive!


      I blamed the graphics adapter first, did all the googling I could to see what I could do (disable turbocache utils...etc) with no results.  I then pulled the PCIe card and replaced it with a 12 year old 4MB PCI card.  The system came up sharing 512MB of RAM...better but still with the PCIe, it *shouldn't* be sharing anything at all!


      I see BIOS settings for Aperture Size and DVMT but there are no settings to 'turn off' either.  Even the DVMT appears to be for Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 900 but this board has no GPU!!


      I've built many systems and I've never been so frustrated with an Intel board, the documentation doesn't even cover the BIOS settings let alone why settings for an onboard GPU are available, when there isn't one?


      Any insight would be greatly appreciated!