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    Windows re-arrangement after TV input change


      I am using one TV for two desktop computers, which I will call computer A and B. When I switch the input on the TV back to computer A, any windows along the bottom and the right side get moved up and to the left. This only happens initially. Any subsquint input changes on the TV back to computer A does not result in any window re-arrangement. The windows re-arrangement seems to keep a 16:9 aspect ratio. The resulting windows arrangement looks like a 1366x768 rectangle on the 1920x1080 desktop. When switching to computer B's input, the windows remain in their initial postions and never move. I can replicate the issue on computer A by physically disconnecting the HDMI connection at the TV and reconnecting. Also if I perform the HDMI disconnection on computer B, there is no windows re-arrangement. Lastly, I tested computer A with windows 7 and the results were the same.

      Computer A
      Using GPU 1080p w/ HDMI
      DH67CF motherboard w/ 4G ram
      Windows 8.1


      Computer B
      Nvidia 610 1080p w/ HDMI
      Dell motherboard w/ 4G ram
      Windows 7

      TV = Seiki


      I have attached before and after photos.