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    i7-4770R - Max. safe operating temp. for 24/7 use?




      I have a system with an i7-4770R, running Windows 8.1 x64. The machine is a Gigabyte BRIX Pro

      When running CPU-intensive tasks (all cores 100%), temperature monitoring tools (HWiNFO, HWMonitor) report core temperatures of 100°C max. with Turbo Boost enabled in BIOS. Also, the CPU starts throttling to 3.4 GHz.


      If I disable Turbo Boost, then core temperatures at 100% load are 94°C max. (3.2 GHz)


      However, the machine housing and exhaust do not feel particularly hot...


      • Are the temperature readings -using aforementioned tools- for this particular CPU accurate?
      • Would it be safe (for longevity of CPU & system) to have these temperatures 8 hours/day, or even 24/7?