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    HD4000 Screen flicker after cold boot


      Greetings everyone!

      My system configuration is as follows:

      core i5-3570k, using hd400 igp

      intel dh77kc motherboard

      kingston 4GB  DDR3 RAM Module (1 stick)

      Win7 32 bit

      Graphic  Driver: Intel Version

      Monitor: LG, Resolution 1900x1200, DVI Cable

      A few days ago I switched to the new motherboard above and refreshed the whole software installation.

      From now on,  when the system is booted from cold, there is a reproducible screen flickering for the first 5 Minutes after  boot.

      The screen flickers every 2-5 seconds and gets black for a second.

      My previous board (Gigabyte z77ds3h) didn't have that issue.

      Rebooting a "warm" system does not show that issue.

      I've read in another thread here, that a similar problem was solved by switching to another driver version.  As far as I know, I'm already using the newest driver.

      Can anybody help?