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    Intel Rapid Start Technology Problem


      (Lenovo U410 touch - Windows 8.1)

      I started having trouble a week ago when my laptop crashed and on starting up, gave me an error message stating that'Intel Rapid Start Technology is not enabled'. The system also began crashing everytime it went to sleep (and the start up took a bit longer than before). Each time I started the laptop up, the same error message popped up.


      At one point during start up, a blue screen came up stating there was a 'Driver power state error'


      I've manually updated all my drivers just in case (didn't work).


      On trying to install the latest 'Intel Rapid Start Technology Driver', it fails, giving the error message: 'This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software'.


      I eventually uninstalled 'Intel Rapid Start Technology' (from the control panel) and the error message (first paragraph) stopped popping up.


      The laptop is still unable to sleep without crashing.


      Any ideas?

      Or should I wait around and hope the next round of updates sorts everything out? (any idea how long that would take?)