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    DN2820FYK - No Video


      I just received my DN2820FYK yesterday and installed my SSD and Memory. After doing this i plugged it into my TV via HDMI and turned it on, there is no video/POST/anything on my TV. i have tried 4 different HDMI cables, 2 different TV's and a monitor with an HDMI port on it. No video on any of them. I have also tried removing the memory/hard drive with the same results. The NUC does in fact power on, i can hear the Fan and the power button has a steady light on it (no blinking error codes). Anything else i should try before i return it?

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          Hi brent112,


          I would try it with a different tv or monitor.  It's a known issue that if you connect the DN2820 to a monitor/tv that doesn't support 1024X768 you don't get a boot screen.  It doesn't affect the operating system so once you have an OS on it you should be fine (other than getting into the BIOS.


          I'm not sure if they're working on a fix for it but several NUC models with the same issue have been updated to correct it.  I installed the newest BIOS for my DN2820 last night and it still doesn't show me a boot screen.



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            Thanks for the help, i will give that a shot this evening. You would think Intel would put a big warning on the package if that was the case. I am not sure if the TV's/Monitors i tried support 1024x768 or not, i have one more TV i can try though. Seems like a big oversite, if you only have one TV in your house and it doesnt work i guess you are SOL? Hopefully they will release a BIOS update for it.

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              Brent, I agree with that thought. If true, it should at least be warned. Without legacy ports many users will have no other choice than their TV. If you have a monitor with DVI, a simple DVI to HDMI adapter should work.


              Jason: Does the 0025 BIOS remove the phantom monitor in Linux? That's my only BIOS issue now that I'm up and running. But, still have not gotten a remote control configured.

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                I installed the BIOS last night and the phantom display is still there but I can't say for certain whether it's still the default primary on installation.  If I have a chance I'll try running the Linux Mint setup again to see what I get.

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                  Just got home, tried two additional TV's (one is an older TV which i am sure supports lower resolution). i also tried another HDMI cable, still nothing. I really, really hope that i just got a bad unit. I have two more of these on order and if they will not work with any equipment in my house i guess they are all going back to the vendor.


                  I have a Samsung and Vizio TV like a lot of people, and i use a combination of different HDMI cables (monoprice, amazon basic), if the NUC will not work with this common type of hardware then Intel is going to have a lot of angry customers. Again, hopefully i just got a bad unit.

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                    Of all the tvs and monitors in my house (Vizio, Proscan, Asus, Westinghouse) the only one that had an issue was the Westinghouse.  It has a max resolution of 1440X900. When I hook up the NUC to it the NUC boots, as you say, as though everything is fine but I get no picture at all.  After I got an operating system on it I could use that monitor because Windows and Linux came up fine.


                    What memory did you use in it?

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                      It was a samsung 2gb ddr3 1.35/1.5V module. Not sure of the exact model number. I would imagine i would still get a POST screen even if i had no memory installed, am i wrong? I tried a LG/Vizio/TCL/Samsung TV.

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                        I do have the same problem and bios 025 didn't change anything.


                        My TV is panasonic 50ST50 wich is full HD.


                        I installed my Openelec with another TV (Sony 32V5500) without problems and now on my panasonic i still can't see postmenu/bios/boot menu but when the OS boot i see something...


                        i really hope this will be fixed.

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                          I hope so as well, i have two more on the way that will be here Friday. if they do not work on any of my TV's either they will go back to the supplier as DOA and then they will hopefully be shipped back to Intel. If Intel knew there was an issue connecting these to certain TV's then they should have provided a HDMI to DVI adapter, or something.


                          There is an amazon review of someone having the same issue, and some people in the comments saying they are having the same issue (no video, tried multiple TV's)


                          Amazon.com: C. Lee's review of Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit -Celeron ...

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                            Could this be an issue, i was reading in this post that the cable HAS to be HDMI 1.4a (post 4), is this true?


                            No HDMI on D54250WYK

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                              OK, now i am pretty angry. I recieved my other two NUCs today and surprise surprise.. None of them work on any of my TV's. So now i have three DN28280FYK NUC and none of them display anything when powered on and plugged into ANY of my TV"s or monitors.


                              This means that Intel shipped out a very large batch of completely faulty equipment, or their equipment is not supported by what i would say would be a wide range of television equipment that the general public has (Vizio TV's, Samsung TV's).Here is the equipment i have tried


                              Samsung UN46D6500 LCD TV

                              Vizio 47" XVT LCD TV

                              TCL LCD TV

                              Dell Monitor with HDMI

                              LG 32" TV


                              Does anyone from Intel read these forums? Obviously there is a major issue if 3 separate NUCs are not working on all of these devices.

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                                I read them and I send issues like this to the NUC team.  Let's see what the commonalities are:


                                Are you using the same cable/same type of cable?

                                Are you using the same memory in all of them?  If so can you send me the model number?


                                I have a hard time believing it's the 1024X768 problem if you tried it on a Dell monitor with an HDMI port, so let's look at other possibilities.  I also think it extremely unlikely that they're all bad.





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                                  The exact model of memory is M471B5773DH0, that aside though even without memory i *should* see a post screen correct even if i do not have memory installed (which i have tried).


                                  The HDMI cables are various types (I have tried probably 5-6 different ones i had lying around and plugged into equipment that i know is working). Dynex, Monoprice, other ones. The only thing is they all are probably 1.3, the NUCs do not require 1.4a cables do they?

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                                    Also, when it is powered on (with memory and a hard drive in) the power button light is solid. However any USB device you plug into it does not seem to get power. (mouse does not light up, thumb drive does not either). not sure if this is how it is supposed to act.

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