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    DP55KG post error code 64 on boot




      I have a desktop motherboard DP55KG which suddely got error code 64 on boot, which i don't know where's the problem.


      On manual (page 73), it says 60-6F - Reserved for future use (for new busses).


      I already checked vídeo, memory, desktop's battery (changed for a new one) and nothing worked.





      Processor: i7-860

      Cooler: Coolermaster 412 PWM

      Memory: Corsair Dominator (8 GB)

      Video: PNY geForce 550Ti

      Power: Corsair AX1200i

      O.S.: Windows 7 Ultimate x64; Ubuntu 13.04


      I also tried to clear CMOS and it doesn't work. Can any one give a tip?


      P.S: My warranty already expired since 2012.