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    bois crashes problem


      This has happened 3 times where in the middle of the night the PC shuts itself off and then won't restart. The only way I can get it up and running again is to flash the bios with a flash drive. This is a S1200BT server board running Windows 8.1 It's like the bios is erased for some unknown reason.

      One time after it quit the bios would come up with a screen that said it needed help but with no options to fix it so I would have to reinstall the bmc and bios any ideas?

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          Did you have to perform a BIOS recovery to start the board again? Do you still have the exact error message you mentioned?

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            Yes I had to do a BIOS recovery

            The first two times it would just report the opening info and then hang the third time every time you tried to restart it would go right to this BIOS screen with two options but without any way to make changes and there was only one tab on top of screen. thinking it would go back if I hit ESC but it would only ask to save or exit. I know I should have written down the screen but!

            This only stated after I went to Windows 8.1

            I have the latest BIOS  and if I run the auto check from INTEL on drivers it is up to date but when I do the check manually there is a later dated chip set driver?

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              Hmmmm it looks like BIOS corruption, and I don't think it's related to chipset driver... Try to Contact Support and see if they can get your board replaced.