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    How to Reset a HD3000

    Andreas Bohne

      How to " reset "  HD Graphics 3000





      at my HTPC with HD Graphics 3000 I 've been experimenting with the timings to connect it to a Samsung TV via HDMI. Unfortunately, I probably pressed once the wrong button , so he has a non- executable setting stored. So the picture is now black over HDMI and the Samsung announces an unsupported resolution :-(



      Experimented I have because the resolution did not fit . The Resulution from the HD3000 was not 1920x1080 which is nativ by the Samsung TV but 1920x1200 . Ergo the taskbar is not present and the image blurred because scalings .



      The television is c onnected now via VGA, so I can continue to operate the HTPC to the TV.



      But also even here he is not running sometimes with native 1920x1080 but 1920x1200 . I found out later that this is comming fron the PC. When the TV is turned ON after the HTPC , always runs at 1920x1200. The driver does not notice the settings . Switched On the TV at first and then the HTPC , it has native 1920x1080 and a very good resolution.





      This could also be the same problem at the HDMI output . Unfortunately, it is even now dead





      Does anyone have an idea whether to reset the wrong configuration and the automatic detection also comes back at the digital output ? I do not find anything for it ...



      An update does not help. He remembers the settings. The latest driver is on it ...