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    Intel DQ35JO MB and CPU Upgrade Causing High Case Fan Speed


      I previously had the C2D E6550 SLA9X processor in a PC running XP Pro SP3 with 4 gb of RAM and the latest 1143 BIOS downloaded from the OEM here.  I found a deal on a Q9550 quad core and thought why not give it a try.



      After the new CPU it has problems with hanging up on restarts, but not on a normal power up.  The big thing the case fans are running at 2800 rpm's now where in the past they were very silent, I would guess in the 1500 rpm range.  I checked the CPU fan speed and temp, everything is normal and quite.  Any thoughts why there is a boot problem and the chassis fans are running so fast?  I would guess the CPU is pulling more power, I think the old on was 65 watts vs. the new 90 watts.   Do the case fans go by the CPU voltage?  I do have the speedfan program and also the Intel dashboard running but there is no way to change the fan speed.  They are also plugged directly into the MB not the power supply.  Thanks.



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