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    Dell E6540 Southbridge Rev C1 or C2


      Hi Everyone

      My laptop is Dell E6540

      I use CPU-Z to see that my southbridge version is still C1.


      I bought this recently so I think Intel already solve this USB issue and the version here should be C2.

      Is there anyone can confirm the southbridge version?


      by the way, what is the issue of C1 version USB3?

      USB device disappear in device manager or enumerate fail after S3 wakeup?



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          Hi Rock,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          It is important that the revision of the boards depends on the decision of the computer manufacture. This is because we as Intel® provide the hardware to the computer manufactures and they will design and create their own systems meaning that they can set limitations in their units. Due to this reason my recommendation for you is to contact DELL and get the latest bios update for your system and install all other drivers.

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            Hi Kevin,


            Thanks for your reply.

            As I know, this issue is fixed by metal layer change.

            But you mention that this issue could be fixed by bios or driver update.

            This makes me confused.

            Could you explain this further?


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              You are right when saying that the issue is fixed by changing the part. However, there may be an option to solve any known issue in the system with a BIOS update. I say “may” because depending on the problem it may get fixed and the bios update is provided by the OEM only.