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    WebsocketClient for Intel Galileo + Spacebrew



      At SmartUp, our new digital fabrication laboratory, we just started tinkering with Intel Galileo boards and Spacebrew.

      If you don't know it, Spacebrew is, as explained on their website, "an open, dynamically re-routable software toolkit for choreographing interactive spaces". So it is basically a way to connect smart objects of any kind using the WebSocket protocol!


      We had to modify the Arduino WebsocketClient library to use it with Intel Galileo and specifically with Spacebrew. Now I'd like to share our work with you.


      Here you can find the library: mauromezze/IntelGalileo-SpacebrewWebsocket · GitHub


      This is the spacebrew official website where you can find docs and examples: Spacebrew


      Happy tinkering!


      The SmartUp Team