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    Intel G45 Windows 7 RC video driver constantly crashes WMC.


      I wanted to give Intel Support a heads up on the latest G45 Windows 7 x64 RC drivers that are available on the Intel Website.

      Installing GFX_Win7_64_15.15.64.1808_PV_Intel.exe on my Intel DG45ID based HTPC makes Windows 7 RC Media Center unusable. WMC will crash and restart itself every couple of hours while watching or recording live TV. The crashes cause the WMC TV listings database to become corrupted along with any recordings that were in progress.

      I also experienced similar crashing issues with all of the G45 video drivers that Microsoft supplies automatically when doing a clean install of Windows 7 RC or that are downloaded from the Microsoft Windows Update site. I used the Microsoft Connect Website to report the many issues I encountered with the G45 video drivers that came directly from Microsoft.

      Using the Intel G45 Windows Vista drivers from the Intel Website, GFX_Vista64_15. or GFX_Vista64_15. restores stability to Windows 7 RC Media Center. I've never experienced a crash when using either of these drivers. Unfortunately these older driver drop the Windows Experience Index basic score down to 3.6 or 3.7 (all scores other than video are 5.9 or higher on this box). These older drivers also do a poor job of playing live or recorded HD TV. Live HD TV and recorded HD TV playback show occasional horizontal bars in the video that appear to be the result of some type of latency issue because I can rewind and replay the same scene again and the horizontal bar will not be present.

      One other thing that might be noteable. I must use custom DTD registry entries to eliminate over-scan on my 60" Sony 1080p TV. If I use a different DTD resolution setting for the desktop than what I select within WMC, the RC video drivers will sometimes cause a spontaneous reboot or cause a BSOD when WMC is switching between resolutions.The dump file created by the BSOD always shows igdkmd64.sys as being the source of the crash with a corrupt pool or TdrBugcheckOnTimeout as the reason for the fault.

      I'm using the latest drivers available for all of the hardware. Here is my HTPC configuration.

      Intel DG45ID Media Mother Board
      Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 GHz Processor
      4GB memory
      Hauppauge 1213 WinTV-HVR-2250 Dual Hybrid PCI-E TV Tuner
      Seagate 1.5TB Drive ST31500341AS
      LiteOn IHES206-08 Blu-ray Disc Reader
      Antec Fusion Remote HTPC Case
      Sony KDS-60A2000 HDMI SXRD LCD Projection TV


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          Hi there,


          Thanks for pointing this out. I just hope the concerned department will take note of your feedback on the evaluation of the beta drivers Windows 7 Drivers for the 4 Series boards.


          It would have been better if Intel could also have a kind of feedback form so that customers can submit their feedback after evaluating these beta drivers on the RC of Windows 7.


          There is not much I can really advise at this stage.



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            The latest Intel video driver GFX_Win7_64_15. dated 7/13/2009 for the Intel DG45ID motherboard continues to be unusable with Windows 7 Media Center. After installing this latest video driver, Windows 7 Media Center crashed and corrupted the TV listing in less than 2 hours, forcing me to go back to the Vista driver.


            The new driver did raise the Windows Experience Index to 4.9, up from the 3.6 I am seeing with the Vista driver, but a better score is useless if the driver can't be used.


            I'll be installing the RTM version of Windows 7 next week as will millions of others who have Microsoft Volume or MSDN licenses. The current Intel drivers offered on the Windows 7 Driver Update Site are not useable with the Windows 7 RC but hopefully they do work with Windows 7 RTM or Intel has a plan to fix the problems before next week. It would be a shame if Intel had to issue a press release next week informing customers that Windows 7 was not an option for Volume or MSDN Licensees using the DG45ID motherboard or G45 based video boards.


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              Well, so far I've also had a nightmare with these drivers & windows 7: as soon as it gets past the "Loading windows" screen, it goes blank.  Using logmein, I can see that the computer is up and running, but on the actual display - nothing.  Thats even using the latest release,

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                I am using Windows 7 Ultimate RTM on a DELL LAtitude E5500, and ever since i started using Windows virtual PC the display becomes hazzy, the icons and the image go from being completely clear to distorted !!

                Eventhough I installed today the latest release (8/19/09) but it didn't solve the issue!!

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                  I have problems with the Intel driver for the G33 series. I just thought I'd mention it, maybe Intel will get some updated drivers out for all of us.

                  See my original post: http://communities.intel.com/message/70685#70685




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                    Untitled.pngLooks like I'm getting the same issue. If I remove my PCi graphics card and connect a DVI cable to the DG45ID's DVI-I out, I get the Windows 7 startup screen and then nothing else except a mouse cursor and a spinning blue circle every so often.


                    I've also tried to install the latest GFX drivers - GFX_Win7_64_15. and get the following error on install (above).


                    This is crazy. All I want to do is enjoy watching stuff on my tv without having to use an additional GFX card or a DVI to VGA cobverter.


                    Intel, please help with this