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    How to debug a recipe error?


      I follow Sergey's instruction and successfully build a Galileo board image (yeah!).


      Then try to add a package as following by opening image-full.bb mentioned in Sergey's instruction, and adding a line to include mindlna.




      IMAGE_INSTALL += "wpa-supplicant"

      IMAGE_INSTALL += "openssh"

      IMAGE_INSTALL += "nodejs"

      IMAGE_INSTALL += "mindlna"                         <<<< the line I add



      After bitbake, I find minidlna is under a nonworking folder. So I make a copy of minidlna out of the nonworking folder, bitbake again, and find the error message in the attached logfile.


      It's a linking error, and there are two questions, what is linking problem and how to fix it inside the build environment. If anyone has any idea, I will be happen to try.


      By the way, if I add a well-behavior recipe (not inside a nonworking folder) to IMAGE_INSTALL, the package will compile ok (really convenient!).