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    ICH9 and ICH10 compatibility


      Have a PC with Raid 10 array  operating with ICH9 Southbridge. Want to upgrade motherboard to one using ICH10.


      Will the Raid drives work as is?   Long ago in a much earlier ICH version found the array  wouldn't work in an upgrade.



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          Hi there,


          Well to be honest, it worked fine for me using Intel Motherboard.


          I will tell you what are the theoretical requirements?

          - Intel Matrix RAID BIOS Version needs to be the same on both boards.

          - Drives needs to be connected to the same position as it was on the original board (example drive 1 to sata port 0, drive 2 to sata port 1)


          For me, i did the test on several new Intel Board 3 and 4 Series, it worked fine without any problem.

          Once i connected to the other board, the raid array was recognised and it was online.

          On some system, it fails to boot onto Windows due to hardware issues, i had to re-install the OS, but all the data was intact.I did not have to recreate another raid array in Ctrl + I.


          Now if your data on the drives are very important, i will advise you to make a complete separate and verified backup before proceeding.


          All the best,