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    DN2820 Fan always on?


      Just wondering if this is the case, it seems like the Fan stays on always. It never seems to rev up in speed and also is not very loud, but I am just wonder why it is on all the time?   Thanks,

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          The default Minimum Duty Cycle is set to 40%. You can lower it if you wish - including setting it to 0 to have the fan turned off. From a reliability standpoint, I do not recommend this...



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            I went into the BIOS today to lower the Minimum Duty Cycle and the option was not available in cooling. Not sure what to do to lower this.



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              Yea, we have a bug in Visual BIOS that is in the process of being fixed. Here's what you need to do in the meantime:


              1. Power cycle system and hit F2 to enter Visual BIOS.
              2. Select ADVANCED.
              3. Click on tab for COOLING - but be careful to keep cursor at its current position.
              4. You should see fan controller parameters on the right side of the scene displayed. Move cursor to these parameters by first moving it to the right and then down to the parameters. Don't go down and then right and do not go diagonally. If you do and the parameters for the fan controller disappear, go back to step 1.
              5. Click on value for Minimum Duty Cycle and change to 0.
              6. Save and exit.