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    Video output mini PCI express




      Hello to all.
      I'm doing a project. I bought a mini PCI Express graphics card, and I want to programing it Galileo Intel that the video output is on PCI Express. Can you help me how to set the GUI's output connector at the mini PCI Express?


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          I wish you luck.  Someone else may be able to tell you if this device is pin compatible with the Galileo mini pcie slot. All I can say is that this company only provides drivers for Windows XP, based on the documentation you linked. If there is no Linux driver, you will have to write one with no supporting documentation. It might actually be easier to get Windows XP running on Galileo than getting a driverless graphic card going.

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            Do you want to enable display in EFI BIOS or Linux? It's different target.

            1. for enabling display in EFI, you should integrate the GOP driver into EFI BIOS code and update the new gnerated BIOS.

            2. for enabling linux output, just include the linux driver (guess, have not test)

            You can try to get the code from board vendor or Silicon Motion (video display IC vendor).

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              I wanted to install Windows XP Embedded SP1, but could go well even Linux. Could you help me to programming the port PCIe?
              Thanks in advance.