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    Last sketch on boot ... not from SPI Flash ?



      I read following information about memory storage on Intel Galileo board :


      8 MB legacy SPI Flash where is stored the GNU/Linux bootloader and the last sketch loaded. For the sketch could be reserved from 256 Kbyte to 512 Kbyte.....


      So I understood that on startup the bootloader can access to the SPI Flash and starts the last sketch loaded on the board.

      It isn't true !

      I read on this forum that the starting of last sketch on startup is provided only via SD card but reading "Getting Started Guide" it is related to a Linux image !

      So....Can I start the latest sketch on startup only if I have an SD card and Linux O.S. on it ?


      In my opinion it is a limit .... with Arduino or some other boards there isn't this problem. If the board has a minimum of builtin flash it is used to store last firmware and starts it on boot.


      Am I wrong ?