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    how to change the mac adress of Eth0



      I made a mistake somewhere but i dont know where

      My Eth0 Adress mac is wrong, but i don't know how to change it

      today i have two galileo with the same mac address (this parameter is not stored on spi, nor on sd card)

      could you tell me how to change it



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          Have you flashed your Galileos using the full-flash "bin" file image? That could be the answer, because bin files should be adjusted for specific board and MAC is one of the details the adjustment process changes.


          Understanding how did you end up having two identical MACs is, IMHO, the best way to fix that. :-)


          Anyway, you can probably use one of the standard Linux methods to change the MAC, a simple google search gives rather meaningful instructions. You'll need to do something for the changes to survive the reboot, but there are some suggestions.

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            I have used the dediprog for the both galileo

            so now i have two galileo with the same mac adress which is not good at all


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              Yeah, that would explain it.


              So you have built the bin files and the flashed them using DediProg. You should have run through an additional step of adding platform-specific information to those, unique to each board (namely - platform ID and the MAC).


              To fix that, you need to take the bin file you've used for flashing and perform those characterization steps for each of the two boards you have, the instructions are in the BSP Building Guide, you should find them easily (ask here if you don't).


              I also have a script, which makes the above easier. It takes the results of "bitbake image-spi" and builds either a bin or cap file with proper platform data (here: http://github.com/alext-mkrs/galileo-fw). As it's just turned out, BSP sources for v0.8.0 were removed from the download center, but it will will work if you're on the 0.7.5. Instructions are in the README file.

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                I think i have find a new way to update easily the MAC (or a other way, more easy for me because i am not a linux expert)


                the tool is already inside the package \Board_Support_Package_Sources_for_Intel_Quark_v0.9.0 on folder spi-flash-tools_v0.9.0: it is platform-data-patch.py


                i only use the standard name and it is not necessary to give some arguments

                the files used by the tool is

                • plateform-data.ini
                • Flash-PlatformData.bin (in fact the clanton-spi-revd.bin)

                unfortunately i can load my galileo with my dediprog today. i am outside , not at home for one week

                but i have check the result and probably it is working (i will check on next sunday)


                so on the same folder, put all these files, them call the py script

                the output file is Flash+PlatformData.bin



                Volume in drive C is System

                Volume Serial Number is DCD1-F796

                Directory of C:\toAlex

                17/02/2014  18:30    <DIR>          .

                17/02/2014  18:30    <DIR>          ..

                26/12/2013  16:21         8,388,608     clanton-spi-revd.bin

                17/02/2014  18:31         8,388,608     Flash+PlatformData.bin

                10/02/2014  09:48         8,388,608     Flash-missingPDAT.bin

                17/02/2014  18:28    <DIR>               MRC

                20/01/2014  11:14             7,073       platform-data-patch.py

                17/02/2014  18:31               129        platform-data.bin

                17/02/2014  13:57             4,863       platform-data.ini

                               6 File(s)     25,177,889 bytes

                               3 Dir(s)   9,723,789,312 bytes free

                rq:  i get the .bin file from

                Bricked Galileo? Assert EFI ERROR

                and i don't know yet how to build it (file call Flash-missingPDAT.bin)


                Could you tell me if the following first data line is correct (plateform-data.ini)

                # Every module contains:

                # [unique name]

                # id=decimal integer, data type identifier

                # desc=string, short description of a data; max 10 characters

                # data.value=[ABC | CAFEBEBA | xyz abc | /path/to/file ]

                # data.type=[hex.uint[8/16/32/64] | hex.string | utf8.string | file]

                # ver=decimal integer, version number; if not specified defaults to 0





                # WARNING: the platform ID value MUST match the MRC parameters below

                [Platform Type]




                # ClantonPeak 2, KipsBay 3, CrossHill 4, ClantonHill 5, KipsBay-fabD 6






                # WARNING: the MRC parameters MUST match the platformID used above

                [Mrc Params]














                # If you are developing MRC for a new system you can alternatively

                # inline the value like this:



                # data.type=hex.string

                # data.value=00000000000000010101000300000100010101017C9200001027000010270000409C000006



                # The unique MAC address(es) owned by each device are typically found

                # on a sticker.  You must find it(them) and change the bogus values

                # below.

                [MAC address 0]


                desc=1st MAC





                [MAC address 1]


                desc=2nd MAC









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                  Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about when saying "platform data" :-)


                  The Python script you're talking about adds that "platform data" to a full flash image in a bin format. My firmware building script takes care of that when you select the "bin" (or "all", which means both "cap" and "bin"), it gets the MAC on the command line and uses the python script behind the scenes to put the MAC (+other platform information specific to Galileo) into the bin file.


                  But of course you can always call it directly o the existing bin file, just like you did :-)

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                    May I ask one thing?


                    I already can run the MAC flash tool from Intel provided in Board_Support_Package.
                    after flash MAC address,
                    I follow the message to turn on the power and reset the board,
                    I only can see the POST message, it doesn't show up "new MAC address" on screen.


                    I check the file named "MacAddressCheck.py"
                    the last line,
                    there is a command "print MAC" to print the MAC address to the screen,
                    so it should be showed up, doesn't it?
                    but I didn't see any message about new MAC address on screen.


                    can you help this?


                    thanks a lot.

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                      "ifconfig" (or "ip address" if you have a newer build) would show you the MAC address