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    Surface Pro (2) performance problems when iRST drivers are used




      I have been doing deployments of Windos 8.1 RTM with Microsoft Surface Pro 1 and 2 tablets.

      What I've noticed is that when the iRST (hdc / iahcic) drivers are used in WinPE, and subsequently during offline injection or pre-staging, the tablets start to behave ultra slow! It's not workable anymore, and all actions take forever to complete.


      I've tested and reproduced this behavior with:

      iaAHCIC version

      iaAHCIC version



      When I only apply the LxLpAHCI driver (version as supplied in the latest Jan 2014 Surface Pro 2 driver pack, all works properly.



      Only, I'd like to utilize a generic driver set of Mass Storage drivers without having to discriminate between hardware model, IMHO a pnp id should be leading to which driver get applied... which now does not work as both drivers iaAHCIC and LxLpAHCI use the same pnp id (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_9C03) detection in their inf file.


      For driver injection and pre-staging this is doable to distinct between hardware models and apply the proper driver.

      However, for WinPE (5.0) this will become quite a bit harder when wanting to utilize a generic WinPE for multiple models, thus having to inject the iaAHCIC driver, post Win8.1 RTM hardware models, to be injected in WinPE 5.0.


      A quick peek in getting to see the difference in operation between these drivers is that:

      iaAHCIC uses MSISupported (= 1)

      LxLpAHCI utilizes Windows native driver mshdc which has MSISupported off (= 0)


      Or, could it be power management problems that are causing this behavior in the iaAHCIC drivers?


      Is this a bug, or do I really have to mind even my WinPE 5.0 to be more loading drivers dynamically (using script) based on hardware model?

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          I understand you have some tablet computers running Windows 8.1.

          Please bear in mind configuration and support is different when installing Intel Rapid Storage on tablet devices. Intel recommends contacting your device manufacturer for troubleshooting and assistance. Our software was developed to work under desktop and server environment.


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            Thank you for your effort to reply, yet I don't know in what way I can appreciate your reply...


            Microsoft Surface Pro is an Intel Core i5 processor based device. Opposed being a tablet, it's architecture is quite a like the one of a laptop, hence the reason why we initially invested in it as it's function is a 'laptop replacement'.

            You're now telling me, that yet both the chipsets are designed and manufactured by Intel, you want to contact the device manufacturer whereas Intel provides and supplies the driver sets to control this device.


            I am not installing the Intel Rapid Storage software, am merely utilizing the iRST (base) drivers for Intel chipsets who, imho inadequately, share similar identifiers when they've differences which cause first, the wrong driver to be installed, second to cause the hardware to not properly function.


            I would appreciate a vendor to take notice of what their clients are reporting to be more pro-active and elaborate whether this is the first sign of a problem that might become bigger and report more within a short time. Of course, I'll be happy to share my findings on the web to provide people a work around, which I now seem to have to find myself as the vendor waves me off with a non-interested reply to a pretty detailed post.


            Thank you for your attention.