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    Crucial Memory incompatibility With NUC DC3217BY?


      I bought two units Intel NUC DC3217BY and  two memory modules 2x4GB DD3 PC3 - 12800 1.35V Crucial CT51264BF160B.C16FER2. In both units, I had BSOD problems and a lot of instability, using the two memory modules simultaneously (8GB). When I use only one module, no problem occurs and NUC is totally stable. Using memory diagnostic tool for windows, the situation is the same, no problem found using only one memory module and problems encountered using two modules simultaneously. Did various combinations with the four modules that have, in both units and the situation repeats itself, if use only one module, regardless of what is, overall stability, if I use two modules together, BSOD and instability.



      The question is, it attests to a incompatibility these memory modules with Intel NUC DC3217BY or a problem in the bios to synchronize memories when both are used together?