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    Best Boards for I7?


      I was looking at the Asus, or Evga.  Always liked Intel, but they dont have many to offer atm.  I plan on running 6 x 2GB sticks for 12GB ram total @1333MHZ (corsair XMS, or Mushkin DDR3).  Anyone know what board has had the most success with the 920 or 975 Extreme (contemplating either atm), Intel X-25 Extreme SSD or OCZ Summit SSD,  850 Corsair PS, and 285GTX or poss 295GTX.

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          Hi there,


          Actually, i was looking for this information as well since a long time ago, but unfortunately someone managed to add a comment to my Document.


          Yes you are right, it is defintely a good idea to know which board offers the best performance when using Core I7 CPU.


          Anyway, I did some benchmarking a few months ago, i was hoping for someone to test other boards and post a comment, but no one did that.




          Do let me know if you managed to know something or even better if you have another board that uses Core I7, do some benchmarking and let us know the results.


          All the best,