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    Code-Generation for Galileo



      I just discovered the Galileo board and I certainly find it to be a very interesting piece of hardware. But there is an aspect that is very important for several (rather academic) projects I'm involved in, about which I couldn't find the desired information: Is there any way of using Simulink based code generation for this target, with a reasonable amount of effort? I assume one could generate generic C code as a function and insert it into the IDE where the remaining hardware-related aspects and IOs would be managed.

      I was hoping for some way of having a straight forward integration, including IOs support, as existing for boards like the Arduino and the Raspberry PI.

      As apparently this won't be possible, which method would you suggest for integrating SImulink code-generation based functions into the Galileo?


      Best regards and thanks in advance!



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          I would also be interested in this information. I want to use Galileo to grab a small image and perform image analysis with an algorithm that is written in MALAB code. Is this possible? Or is there a better way?

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            Hi Martin,


            I am not aware of implementations as the one you are investigating,  however I will recommend you to double check  with Matlab (tool developer),  they could provide you further information about their implementations.




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              For the record, I'm also very interested in the possibility of using Matlab code generation for the Linux "side" of the Galileo. It appears this is not yet supported, but I plan to encourage Mathworks and/or Intel to develop it. My vision would be to replace the Windows laptops that we currently use for the UI portion of our Arduino projects with compiled Matlab code running on the Galileo. This looks theoretically possible, but will take more software ability and time than I have available.