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    Intel centrino advanced-n 1030 Two connections per startup


      Hi there!


      My specs:   

      Dell Inspiron n5110 laptop

      Intel Centrino advanced-n 1030 network adapter

      Windows 7 64bit professional

      -(freshly re-formatted and does'nt contain any external installation except the network&graphics driver)


      My problem :

      This order of operations always crashes the network adapter:

                Startup completed -> select a network -> connected -> disconnect ->

                 reconnect-> connected -> disconnect -> trying to  connect to any network -> point of failure.


      What do I mean by point of failure:   

      1) blue spinning disk Wifi icon gets stuck

      2) trying to disable network adapter via "change adapter settings"  disables nothing

      3) trying to restart network service WlanAutoConfig  - process gets stuck

      4) this problem doesn't go away until I restart my computer.


      When I startup safe mode with networking this problem disappears.


      Video demonstrating the issue:


      In safe mode with networking: