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    Why does my machine D865GBF take so long to boot  after exp' BIOS update?


      Hello once again from Tasmania, I hope you are all well & fit.


      I have had some problems with my D865GBF motherboard (not the D945GNT which I have also posted a question about) . I replaced a few electrolytic capacitors around the DIMM slots and Socket 478 CPU interface. ie. the ZIF socket & now the board humms along nicely.


      My problem is that during the process of eliminating all the probable causes - one by one, I ran the express bios update according to the two documents supplied by Intel on the D865GBF download page. My board now takes four and a half minutes to boot the Windows OS. (even after I installed a fresh Windows OS on a reasonably new & formatted hard drive. The computer seems to hang in between POST and the Windows welcome screen. From memory I think there is a blank black screen with a blinking cursor in the top LH corner. I can usually race out to the kitchen and knock up a sandwich and a cuppa before Windows loads, this was not the case before the bios update. My system came online at or around the 50 second mark. So what is going on?


      I have noticed that some of the downloads on this site which are listed for my old D865GBF board are simply not appropriate and in fact I think I have wasted my time downloading 100MB of desktop utilities also, that do not install onto my hard drive (error message "no suitable device found" or some such thing).


      This has got the rusty cogs rolling around in my skull, and I am wondering if I have also downloaded and inappropriate bios update? The bios is listed as BF86510A.86A.0077.P25.0508040031 (exe I think - but definitely the most popular one named the express bios update).


      OK so this may be the recommended bios for my board....So why is my old workhorse getting the cold sholder from POST? Has someone from the bios factory made a blue? Can I breathe new life into the old girl or is she just cactus?


      Yours sincerely, Phil E.