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    py file syntax error appears during the compiling of Intel Quark platform's UEFI BIOS


      Dear eltan and AlexT,


      We met one unexpected problem during  the compiling.

      The phenomena is as following.

      1. Download "Intel Quark BSP" (0.9.0) and its related tools and packages.

      2. Install related enviroment on Windows7 X64. Specailly, insatll python-3.3.3 (x64)  used to execute py file.

      3. execute "quarkbuild.bat -d32 c:\Quark_EDKII QuarkPlatform" to start building.

      4. QuarkSpiFixup.py meets syntax error as attached file.


      Currently, I am not sure why this error occurs!

      Can you give us some advances?



      Best Regards