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    Intel HD Graphics Fullscreen games = Black screen


      Hi guys


      I have a little problem with my Intel HD Graphics 3000 graphics card:


      Every single game I play that has fullscreen just goes black with music playing. (Sometimes I can see the cursor but it cannot move)

      For example: I can't play Cube, Counter Strike, Papers Please, Saints Row : The Third, Saints Row IV etc...

      But for games that are windowed I have no problem.


      And the problem is that in a majority of games, option to deactivate fullscreen is... IN THE GAME.


      So i'm stuck with a bunch of games that can't run properly.


      I am on Windows 8.1, on a Toshiba Satelitte C870 - 15K that came in with Windows 7


      Intel Core i3


      6GB of RAM


      500GB hard drive (450GB Availble for the user / 372GB left on my hard drive)


      I have updated all my drivers manually and with the Windows Auto Driver Scan.


      Any help would be appreciated,