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    Board design files in Alegro text format



      Would it be possible for Intel to post the Galileo PCB design files in Alegro text format, in addition to the binary format? With that, we can import the PCB into our Altium Designer CAD system. With the binary format, we need a copy of Alegro to convert the layout to Altium. We have successfully used the Alegro text format to import quite complex designs provided by other suppliers who use Alegro.

      Altium calls the Alegro text format *.alg format. The *.alg name is an Altium name, not an Alegro name (the Altium software prompts imply it is an Alegro name). However, the tool to produce the output format is part of Alegro. It is called extracta.exe.

      Here is a link http://wiki.altium.com/display/ADOH/Moving+to+Altium+Designer+from+Cadence+Allegro+PCB+Editor to instructions for producing the *.alg file from the *.brd. Scroll to the very bottom section titled "Using ASCII Conversion to Import Without Allegro".

      If it would help, I can provide the conversion script (batch file) and support files provided with Altium. There is nothing much too them, just a batch file and some text files to provide mappings for names used by Alegro, but I probably should not post them here since they come with the Altium Designer software.

      Ian Lewis