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    No HDMI on D54250WYK




      I have this NUC,- and it is becoming a pain.


      I have tried 2 new mini-HDMI cables, but the NUC refuses to send to my tv (Samsung) or any monitor.

      I can see that the NUC somehow gets noticed,- the tv reports back to check source or cable. But no signal?

      Then sometimes,- suddenly it runs perfect, but at the next startup it comes back.

      I started a trouble ticket (800086xxxx) and had a long talk with a helpful intel supporter.

      He advised me to upgrade the BIOS,- so I did,- now running WYLPT10H.86A.0018.2013.0918.2135.

      Because of no monitor I had to do it blindly,- no BIOS jumper and BIOS on USB.

      Then I had monitor for half a day,- now it's gone again

      What to do?

      Besides,- it seems like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS makes some kernel crashes on the NUC,- any proven steady Linux for NUC?

      Best regards