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    NUC I3 4010U Isochronous USB audio problem




          Bought an i3 to replace an Atom330 based media centre, few issues setting up but the killer is USB audio, I have no issues at all running USB audio on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on the 330 with USB 2.0 but the NUC suffers dropouts that click, the audio DAC has a buffer indicator level and is rock solid on USB 2.0 on the 330 based machine at 50% which is what it should be. On the NUC it hovers around 10% and I hear a click when it drops to zero which is does every few seconds. Apparently its down to Isochronous USB not been implemented on USB 3.0, is there a workaround for this?, if there isnt the units going back because as far as I am concerned its useless at the moment and the workround of routing HDMI audio through the TV and out of the TV optical into the DAC is just a backward step. If the USB audio worked it would be a great device. Thanks in advance!