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    DB85FL: doesn't stay powered down




      since BIOS 0021 my DB85FL doesn't stay off when the OS is shut down.  It switches off, stays off for

      roughly 2-3 seconds and poweres on again.   WOL is disabled, as are all other features, boot es pure EFI (no legacy).


      Any ideas?

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          Is it fully shutdown, or do you have windows configured to sleep/hibernate when choosing to shut down?


          If it is just going to sleep/hibernate, there are a lot of things which can "wake" the system.  Open a command prompt and try the command "powercfg lastwake" to see what device last woke the system.


          If it is fully shutdown, then I have no idea what could turn it on except WOL, which you've already disabled.

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            Yes it's a full shutdown, no sleep.  As I mentioned, the BIOS version the board came with (0019) didn't have this problem, but all versions since then.  I made this thread so that maybe one Intel engineer can take a look, it's rather annoying.

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              Hi mlauss,


              I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


              There are some steps I would like you to do for troubleshooting steps based on all the information you have provided:

              1. Make sure you have all drivers updated in your system.

              2. Update the BIOS to the latest. I recommend you installing the bios updates in order from the oldest to the latest version. Here you have the link:


              3. Reset the default settings in the BIOS.


              If you are having problems after updating all drivers, please post your dxdiag report here.

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                Hello Kevin,


                1) all up to date,

                2) 0123 is already installed.

                     the board did power off and stay off with 0019. Unfortunately, I can't downgrade any more since 0021

                3) did that, didn't help


                System String is:  DB85FL, BIOS FLB8510H.86A.0123.2013.1213.1449 12/13/2013

                CPU is:  Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3220 @ 3.00GHz

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                  Hi mlauss,


                  Thanks for the information but Can you please post your dxdiag report here?


                  How to get it?

                  Type “dxdiag” in the start menu> Open it> Save> Copy/paste


                  I also want to confirm with you what do you mean the system does not power down. Do you mean you shut it down and it restarts?


                  Have you tested a different power supply in your system?

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                    Again: Since BIOS 0021 the board shuts down completely (i.e. powers off), stays that way for 3 seconds,

                    and powers on again for a normal bootup of the os.


                    On BIOS 0019 (which it came with), it shut off correctly and stayed that way until I pushed the power button again.


                    Power supply is fine; it works on 2 other boards I have.


                    What information do you need from dxdiag?  I don't use windows.

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                      Hi mlauss,


                      We have not received reports from other customers related to this problem.

                      I recommend you testing the system with a supported operating system (windows version).


                      I also recommend you disabling as per troubleshooting purposes the Wake on LAN option at the BIOS level. In the case the issue persist, please contact your local support for a possible replacement.

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                        *sigh*  This is the reason I avoid mentioning that I don't windows. Because the problem description is completely ignored and the "unsupported OS" becomes the sole focus. Fine.

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                          I Had the same problem after updating from BIOS 0019 to 0124. I hit F2 while booting and got into the Bios. I enabled the Fastboot option. Problem solved and Windows 7 boots to the sign-on page in 25 seconds. If I need to get into the bios again, I must hold in the power button until 3 beeps are heard.