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    D54250WYK + HDMI out on (Pioneer) receiver



      My D54250WYK is hooked to a Pioneer receiver which allows me to switch on several HDMI sources.

      The receiver is admittedly fairly old and I'm not sure of the HDMI standard it adheres to but I can check.

      Anyway, these are the two things I noticed using HDMI out connected to this amplifier then forwarded to my TV:

      - When switching resolutions with the NUC (such as during boot time) the screen momentarily shows a "noise pattern" throughout, usually lasts about 1 second, distracting

      - On Windows 8.1, When running applications which change resolution to match the video file's frequency (such as XBMC and Plex Home Theater) the screen will randomly get corrupted when, for instance, stopping video playback (which was in fullscreen). Worst is when I forcibly kill these applications (using a Logitech remote to do that and some script) the Windows desktop display is all corrupted and only way to fix this is by rebooting. I am not getting that behaviour when my NUC is directly connected to my TV.