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    HD 4000 low performance in old games


      I have an HP laptop with an intel core i5 3230m processor (HD 4000) , 8 gb ddr 3 and an hd 7670m gpu ( windows 8 ). All drivers up to date, windows updates too. Problem is I can't play any old games on it, new ones run just fine. Tried Rome total war, max settings, low settings, max resolution (1366x768), lowest resolution always 10 15 fps. GTA san andreas the same,Fifa 08 too. I logged the gpu speeds with gpuz and i noticed all these games use the intel igpu instead of the amd one although i manually selected the amd one in control center. Gpu usage sits at around 10% with 350mhz speed. New games use the amd gpu and run fine (League of legends, Sins of a solar empire,NFS hot pursuit, Sleeping dogs etc ) . I tried reverting back to the drivers it came with and it always restarts saying windows has encountered an error. Don't know what to do anymore. Also the laptop is not throttling during games ,sits at around 80 degrees celsius cpu @ 3 ghz.