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    Installing graphics driver makes the screen switch to HDMI?




      I've had the problem with black screen after installing graphics driver on Windows 8 aswell as 8.1.  This seems to be a problem for many people.

      I recently discovered that when the screen turns black - which happens during the installation - it is due to the computer switching from the laptop screen to HDMI output. This was discovered by installing TeamViewer on my laptop and on another computer. This way I was able to see the screen on my laptop after it turned black, viewing it on the other computer. Under 'Control-Panel' - 'Screen Resolution' I could see that under 'Screen:' it was changed to HDMI. The problem is that I can't change it back only if I uninstall the driver... Hotkeys don't do the trick.


      Hope that someone can help with this problem. Feel free to ask if something needs to be elaborated.

      My computer:

      Sony Vaio Pro 13''

      Intel i5 4th generation

      Intel HD 4400 graphics