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    AMT/vPRO future on the NUC?




      just wanted to briefly ask if there is any plan to bring AMT/vPRO to the NUC in the future.


      I know the current CPU do not support vPRO (i.e. i5-4250U) but there are CPU in the same line that do (i.e. i5-4350U).


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          I'm having trouble finding the post, but I recall this being asked before and the Intel response was that there were no vPro capable NUCs in the works.  I hope they change their minds!

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            It's not a "change our minds"-type of situation; this is a very important segment for us and there will definitely be follow-on NUC products with Intel® vPro™ processors. Unfortunately, we cannot talk about future products in public forums such as this; you will need to wait for the formal announcement of these products...



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