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    Linux Mint on DN2820 FYK


      Using latest BIOS (0021) reset to defaults then set to recommended settings for Ubuntu 13.10 (on which Mint 16 is based)


      Linux Mint 16 boots to the start-up sound and then the splash screen and then hangs there. Any thoughts on how to get it to go farther?


      Trying to dual boot Win 7 (already installed) and Mint, but get same result on a clean disk.

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          Hi LesMoss,


          I ran into the same issue. After toying around for a while I figured out how to fix it:


          1. Right-click on the desktop and select Change Desktop Background, then clicking All Settings.
          2. Open the Display settings.  You'll see a phantom 1024X768 display set as default
          3. Disable the phantom display and your HDMI connection will become the primary and everything should start working.

          I've reported this to the team and they're researching the cause. I would guess a bios fix will correct it down the road.  At least it's something easy to get around.


          I hope this helps.



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            Correct! I did not realize I was looking at the desktop. I thought it was a splash screen.


            Now, how do I tell it to install on the hard drive. On other (legacy) systems I tried it asks me and I say yes. My guess is that that dialog "displays" on that non-existent display.


            Will it install in legacy boot mode?

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              That worked on Mint 15, but the Display Settings icon is not there in Mint 16. Any ideas for that?


              I can run a terminal by right clicking the desktop. Is there a command for Display Settings?


              Any word on when a BIOS fix might come?

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                Actually I came up with that workaround on 16 (Petra).  After you click on All Settings, Display is listed under Hardware.

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                  Not on my copy of Mint 16. Please try it.


                  It was there in 15 but gone now.  Can you give detailed click by click directions from a blank desktop?


                  I'm a newbie at Mint, am using it because Win 7 is useless on the NUC because of missing ethernet and display drivers. At least I get 1920x1080 and ethernet on Mint . I have given up on dual booting Mint 16 and Win 7 (my original plan). I suggest you try that for extra credit.


                  BTW, to get Mint 16 installed, Right click the desktop and choose. Open as root. There you will find the install program. It works fine, except my desktop is still empty.

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                    I'm not messing with you, I swear.  I just quadruple checked it on a fresh Mint 16 install and had the same result:


                    Right-click on the desktop, select "Change Desktop Background"

                    When the System Settings screen comes up click "All Settings"

                    Scroll to the bottom and in the Hardware section click "Display"


                    I just did it and that's exactly what I got.  If you're not seeing it I suppose you could be seeing a different issue but the Display settings should bet there.

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                      Thanks for that. The key was when you said "Hardware section". I had never scrolled that far. When I saw "Desktop",  in Preferences, I stopped scrolling. It looked like the end to me.


                      Sorry for the rookie mistake.


                      OK, on to trying to install Chrome and getting XBMC going...

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                        Glad you're up and running!  You can install Chrome from the Google website pretty easily.  Here's the fastest way to get XBMC (the latest version):


                        • sudo apt-get installpython-software-properties pkg-config
                        • sudo apt-get installsoftware-properties-common
                        • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa
                        • sudo apt-get update
                        • sudo apt-get install xbmc
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                          Thanks for the additional pointers. Followed your advice and indeed Chrome was easy.


                          XBMC installed following your instructions. But, when I launch it,it seems to open off screen to the left where the phantom monitor is. I can tell by the fact that the right edge of its window appears on the left of my monitor. I also loose mouse control and have to power down to regain control.


                          Any way to just remove that phantom monitor from the software configuration? Or did you find another work around?

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                            To answer my own question: I found that under Menu, Preferences, Displays you can disable the phantom monitor. That solves the XBMC problem and bring the previously missing Icons onto the only display we have.


                            Now why no HDMI sound? Has anyone gotten HDMI audio working on Mint 16?

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                              Try this:


                              1. Make sure your system is up to date using the Update Manager
                              2. Add the following groups to your account: audio, pulse, pulse-access, video, voice
                              3. In a terminal window run the following:
                                1. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily
                                2. apt update
                                3. apt install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms
                              4. Reboot the system.


                              That's what worked for me.  (It's not a NUC problem, it's a known issue with Ubuntu)



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                                You you are batting 1,000.  HDMI sound is now working.


                                I am now looking to get a remote that works with XBMC. I have a Windows compatible RC6 remote. I know that is sensed because I can use it to put my NUC to sleep. It will wake up too, but there is no video, so I have to power off.


                                I also note that the volume controls work in YouTube on Chrome. Any thoughts on that? I love typing Linux commands that I don't understand. Adding those groups was an adventure for a newbie too.