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    D54250WYK HD audio issue


      Hi all!


      I'm running Windows 7 SP1 64 bit on D54250WYK as my HTPC setup and I have a re-occuring issue with High Definition Audio Controller (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A0C&SUBSYS_20548086&REV_09). It works on top of HDAUDBUS.sys Microsoft driver ver. 6.1.7601.17514 from 19.11.2010...


      Now sometimes the HD Audio Controller works OK, but most of the times when receiver (Onkyo TX-SR508) is off for a period of time (really off, not hdmi through) and then turned on again, the device fails to start (code 10)...


      No removing the deivce and re-installing it helps, the only thing that does help is restarting the whole system while the receiver is on. Then all works fine up until the receiver is turned off again...


      It worked fine on windows 8.1, but it uses a newer version of the driver...


      Any Ideas as to how to treat this issue? Is there an intel driver for this device?


      BIOS is 0023...


      EDIT: It kinda looks like some kind of S1 / S2 power state wake up, but I'm not too sure - when the issue re-occurs I will copy the device state...


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          Hi Dr.Romca,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the system but let me help you.


          Please be aware this is a known issue from our side and it is under investigation. Here you have a link with more information:


          I recommend you doing the steps mentioned in the link. Also note that I will keep you posted on this issue.

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            Hello Kevin,


            Not sure You've gone through the whole text, but I guess you have a lot of these issue reports.


            This is actually something that worked flawlessly on Windows 8.1 for me, Windows 7 are the issue here...


            I already use the 0023 BIOS as mentioned and latest (AFAIK) Graphics driver (, all taken from the latest bundle 01/08/2014 plus the LAN driver v.18.8.1


            Can my mail be added to some sort of a list so I get an e-mail when this gets resolved? That would be most helpfull....I have to buy some USB soundcard in the meantime...


            btw: I'm now having the NUC connected to my TV (through DisplayPort<>HDMI converter) and Receiver at the same time and as long as the TV is either ON or OFF it does not happen (the only time it happens is when I forget the TV on and it goes to sleep mode...)


            I hope you guys resolve this quickly, a lot of people is waiting for a solution...



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              This is a known issue and it is under investigation. My best recommendation is for you to check this post because when the solution is available it will be posted here.

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                Hello Dr.Romca,


                I first want to thank you for your patience on this.


                We have received feedback from other customers reporting that the issue has been fixed by installing the latest BIOS for the DZ87KLT-75K, DH87RL and DQ87PG along with the latest graphics driver. In your case, You need to access downloadcenter.Intel.com and get the latest updates for this unit.


                I would like you to check for these drivers and BIOS updates and install them on your computers and provide feedback.


                We also have released a BETA graphics driver that we would like you to test and provide feedback about it. Here is the download link:



                You can provide feedback for this BETA driver at this post:



                For those who want to provide more feedback related to the Driver version 3496, please post here: