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    Galileo : Stability issues with WiFi and WebServer example


      Hi There,

      I setup my Galileo over the weekend as a web server. I got it working fine with all the helpful docs and blogs out there. Running from the SD card, using the Intel PCIe WiFi , I have a fixed IP assign to this specific MAC address, redirect Port 80 coming into my home. I have 2 thermistors, 1 hall effect sensor and a push button as inputs and it is reading all fine and posting to the web , I can see it all fine while i am at work, even did some boasting there today ! .


      The big issue is that it stops working continually. Came home this evening, re-pushed the sketch, restarted the Wifi and it is fine but I cannot determine where it is an unstable WiFi or the sketch itself.  I am thinking I should maybe be using an Apache server and just the sketch for the sensor read outs and sharing the data with the web page .. not sure what to do, seems pretty unstable to me. I have a decent WiFi connection and 70Mb Broadband (cable) so would be satisfied that it is fine.Server becomes un-contactable even when  I check the local IP when I am on my home network .


      thoughts ? .. I do have a need for wireless for where I am putting the Galileo in my home , prefer not to have to run a CABLE ..