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    DN2820FYK Win 7 64 bit USB3.0 BIOS setting


      Using BIOS 0021 reset to defaults (F9). Then,  following your instructions for Win 7 Installation.


      When USB 3.0 (XHCI mode) support is set to enable as your instructions say, my usb 2 mouse/keyboard connected to the rear ports is not active..


      I can change USB 3.0 (XHCI mode) setting to disabled which enables my mouse/keyboard.


      Are your instructions incorrect or do I misunderstand something?

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          The instructions are incorrect as far as I can tell.

          What you need to do is put all settings to Legacy for booting and turn off XHCI support on the USB, leave USB Legacy enabled. Also,  don't use the front usb port at all.. I used the back ones only.

          This allowed me to boot from my windows 7 usb stick and install.

          Then, go grab the Realtek pci-express windows 7 64 bit driver for the onboard lan. It installs via an install package and it works great.

          Then go get the INF package from intel that has the win7 64bit files.. (unpack the files using 7zip..extract to folder option... then its the "WIN7" folder in there) you can use the series 8 220 driver for the SMB Bus controller and the "unknown" device...

          All that is left is the PCI Decryption driver..which I have yet to figure out.

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            Seems like Intel should at least be able to tell us how to configure their BIOS correctly. Thanks for confirming the need for "disable XHCI" for USB. I tried a lot of things, so I don't remember what other setting I used for intial install. I thought I just used their document setting and had to go to XHCI disable to use my mouse.


            Thanks for the info on the Realtek lan driver. But, I have abandoned Win7 pending the availability of better video drivers. I need 1920x1080 for my home theater. Please post here if you find a solution for that..


            The software for this box is not ready for prime time. Except maybe for Win 8. I have not tried that.


            I have gotten a Linux Mint 16/XBMC home theater configuration working with the big help of Jason Hoffman. See my other thread if you want to try that.


            My main interest was having a browser on my TV.

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              Guys there is a new BIOS version 028 available at downloadcenter.intel.com Download Center. Please let me know your findings.