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    Windows 8.1 Media Center Goes Blank in Full Screen (HD2000)




      I have an HTPC that I upgraded to Windows 8.1 Media Center. Everything was fine with Windows 7 but, in Windows 8.1, Media Center goes blank when it's put on full screen mode. I have upgraded the graphics driver to the most recent one version 152820 (as of Feb 2014) and it doesn't solve the problem. The only way to get out of the blank screen is to force reset the computer. My processor is i5-2400 with HD2000 integrated graphics. The motherboard is Asus P8H67M-EVO and I use HDMI output.


      I tested Netflix fullscreen, DVD player fullscreen, Flash fullscreen playbacks and they are all fine. It's only Media Center. Media Center works fine when it is not full screen.


      Also, once in a while the screen would go blank too and my LG HDTV cannot detect any input signal. This occurrence seems to be random. I can log in to the computer via Remote Desktop from another computer and it would come back on after a restart. But this problem is intermittent, whereas the Media Center fullscreen problem is persistent.


      Any known solution for this?