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    My GMA 3600 does not work with the Meego/Ubuntu driver for CedarView




      I own an Atom D2500 , CedarTrail with GMA3600 for video (obviously ) .

      For a year and a half I used Windows 7 and its driver, and I have no complaints about it (I recognize that the device efficiency is very limited) , limiting myself only to watch videos and play games that work on low hardware performance.


      Not long ago I discovered that not only Meego (which I do not like, I do not want my notebook looking like a cell phone), but Ubuntu (and the various distros based on it, such as Linux Deepin) possessed own drivers for the Cedarview CedarTrail.



      Ubuntu – Details of package cedarview-drm in precise-updates

      Ubuntu – Details of package libva-cedarview-vaapi-driver in precise-updates


      But I can not even load the installer of these distros. There is a graphical error with the driver and my GMA3600, as in the attached photo .




      This error occurs in all versions of Ubuntu >= 12.4.2 LTS (where the driver comes with the distro installer), and other distros apparently use this driver, like Fedora, Linux Deepin, Linux Mint, etc.


      The only recent distro that worked was Debian Wheezy, which uses the ' Gallium 0.4 ' driver, even with 1366x768 resolution and 2D acceleration working, but without support for 3D acceleration, and the Gnome interface only works in fallback mode.


      I downloaded the Jessie testing version of Debian, and the error with the video that happens in Ubuntu is going into testing version also.


      I was wondering if there's anything I can do to fix this error.