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    intel 530 ssd would not boot up with displayport cable. bug?


      Hi intel staff,


      I wasas testing my surface pro, connecting to a dell u23hm via a displayport cable,

      after which I leave the cable on and connect the dp to my pc desktop...... sadly it have a strange bug and wont boot,

      as the ssd cannot be detected. everything went back to normal after i plug in my dvi cable back to connect the monitor and pc again.


      pls fix this bug as i think its not only me but there alot of user getting this coldboot bug.


      my specs as followed;


      i7 3770k

      asus z77 v pro

      8gb ram

      7950 ati =>dell u23hm

      tp link wifi adaptor wdn4800

      asus xonar dx

      corsair hx650



      intel 530 - 240gb

      intel 320 - 80gb   

      samsung f1 - 1tb

      wd black - 1tb


      other deviced plugged in;



      drawing tablet