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    Firmware Upgrade Truncated HDD Serial Numbers. RAID 5 Broken.


      Hi All,


      I recently upgraded my ASROCK Z87E-ITX which included an update for the Intel Rapid Storage Raid Controller.

      It appears to have left my RAID 5 in a horrible state.  I have a three (3) drive raid, all Western Digital 2TB HDD.


      Port 2: Serial Number Correct

      Port 1: Serial Number Truncated

      Port 3: Serial Number Truncated


      Port 1,3 report: Unknown disk Controller 255, Port Unknown: Missing


      Is there any way to reassign or modify the Serial Numbers so that I can regain access to my Raid?


      Example: (Reported Serial Numbers)

      HDD: WD-WMC4M1514840

      RAID: D-WMC4M1514840:0


      You can see the difference between what the Intel Raid reports the Serial Number and the actual number.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      -- DawgTool