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    AVR Switching Problem


      Just finished building a new HTPC using Gigabytes GA-H77N-WIFI with Intel HD 4000 graphics.

      I have this hooked up my 50" Samsung TV via my Yamaha AVR.

      HTPC is running Windows 8.1 with i believe the latest Intel Drivers


      Major Issue 1: If i shutoff the AVR while in XBMC,it appears the resolution changes and the image no longer fits the screen. It increases in size to where i can no longer see the controls and a large part of the movie.

      If i start off with the AVR either on or off, the image is fine. This never happened with my previous HTPC running with integrated ATI graphics.


      Minor Issue 2: I have to alter the scaling in order to fit the image to my TV screen. In the process i loose about 1/2" at the top of the screen.

      My old graphics software allowed me to shift the image upwards while maintaining the correct scaling. In other words i was able to fill the TV screen with the image.


      Any help would be appreciated